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Autumn has begun and with it comes leaves…lots and lots of leaves.  The Township reminds residents that curbside pickup of leaves is not done by the Township

By Township ordinance, waste haulers must schedule leaf pickup in the fall.  Residents should contact their hauler for yard waste collection dates.   Property owners may be required to put leaves and debris in recyclable bags which are available at the Township office for 10 cents a bag while supplies last.  Leaves ONLY may be taken to the Township’s compost yard located at 333 Pawling Road. The yard is open Monday – Friday and will be open on weekends starting Saturday October 19th through Saturday December 19th.  Please note that illegal dumping will result in the yard being closed and drop-off of leaves only available by appointment.

 Leaves and debris should not be put in the street, swales or stormwater drainage areas of streets.  This will clog the catch basins and can cause flooding.  You will see our Roads Department clearing naturally occurring debris from gutters and inlets along township roads to keep clear flow to drains but we do not have the equipment or the manpower to pick up yard waste from private properties.  Please do not rake leaves or other yard debris into the streets.  The Township will be strictly enforcing this and violators could be fined.  Thank you for your help in keeping our roads and stormwater drains clear and functioning.