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COVID is tough, but together Pennsylvanians are tougher. When we make good choices and follow health and safety measures, we see results. United, we can defeat the virus.

Learn more about actions you can take to protect yourself, your family, business, neighbors, and community on the PA Unites Against COVID website

Symptoms & Testing

Knowing the signs of COVID, and who should get testing is an important part of stopping the virus. View our online map for the public testing sites in Pennsylvania, including at many Rite Aid, CVS, Patient First, and Walmart locations.

Mask Up, Wash Up, Stand Back

You matter, and so do your actions. Wearing masks when we leave our homes, washing our hands for at least 20 seconds, and keeping 6 feet apart are ways we can fight against the virus.

Add Your Phone to the Fight

The COVID Alert PA is a free exposure notification app available for download at the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Features include:

  • Opt-in for alerts for potential exposures to the virus
  • Advice for what to do if you have a potential exposure to COVID-19
  • Interactive COVID-19 symptom checker
  • Updates on the latest public health data about COVID-19 in PA
  • Works across state borders: Delaware, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, North Dakoda, Washington D.C., Wyoming, and some parts of California

COVID Alert PA protects both privacy and personal information. The app does not use GPS, location services, or any movement or geographical information. It will never collect, transmit, or store personal information. It is completely anonymous and voluntary to download.

PPE & Supplies for Businesses

Using masks and personal protective equipment (PPE) are part of the safety measures we know reduce the risk of spreading COVID. The COVID-19 PPE & Supplies B2B Directory connects PA businesses with suppliers and manufacturers selling masks, face shields, thermometers, hand sanitizer, medical gowns, and cleaning disinfectants.

Protect Your Community

Let’s work together to stop the spread. Share information about PA Unites Against COVID with others in your family, community, school, and workplace. Check out our Community Resources for downloadable posters, social media materials, and other free marketing materials.


For more details about what you can do to help achieve our common goal of defeating the virus, visit the PA Unites Against COVID website.

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