Commercial, Industrial & Institutional Establishments


Commercial / Industrial

In Schuylkill Township, commercial and industrial is defined as any establishment engaged in non-manufacturing or non-processing business including but not limited to, stores, markets office buildings, restaurants, shopping centers, and theaters.

Multi-family dwellings, townhomes, mobile home parks, hotels, motels, mixed-use properties (combined business/residential on a single parcel), and farms that use commercial dumpsters are considered commercial or industrial establishments. 


Institutional establishments are any organization devoted to the promotion of a particular cause or program, especially one of a public, educational, or charitable character.

Township Requirements

Owners and/or managers are required to provide each occupant with a written description of its recycling program which clearly describes what can be recycled and how the collection system works.

All commercial, industrial and institutional establishments in Schuylkill Township must recycle at least 3 materials.  In addition to high-grade office paper, cardboard, and leaf waste, all commercial and institutional establishments may recycle glass, used oil, cans, and plastics. 

Contact your waste hauler to determine what commercial/institutional materials can be recycled.