Leaf Disposal & Composting

Stormwater Concerns

Leaves and debris should not be placed in the stormwater drainage area of township streets as clogged catch basins can impede the normal flow of stormwater drainage. Residents can assist in the care of catch basins with the following steps:

  • Do not sweep leaves and other lawn debris into the street as they will eventually wash into the catch basin.
  • Remove fallen leaves and other debris from the street whenever you find them there.
  • Ask neighbors to patrol their areas of the street for leaves.
  • Recycle leaves and limbs at the composting centers.

Curbside pickup of leaves is not done by Schuylkill Township.  Residents should contact their waste hauler for yard waste collection dates.  By Township ordinance, haulers should schedule yard waste pickup in the fall.  You may be required to put leaves and debris in recyclable bags.  Never rake leaves into or near stormwater drains, ditches, creeks or the river.


Burning in Schuylkill Township is prohibited by township ordinance and by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.

Composting Yard

Schuylkill Township maintains a leaf composting yard for the residents of the township.  The compost yard is located in the Valley Forge Sewer Authority complex, at:
333 Pawling Road
Phoenixville, PA 19460

The compost in the Township’s yard is free to residents. Loading is your responsibility.

The compost yard is open to Schuylkill Township residents only.  Proof of residency may be required.  Leaf drop-offs and compost pickups are by appointment only Monday through Friday between 7:30 am and 2:30 pm. Please call the Township office at 610-933-5843 to schedule an appointment. Please note that access is dependent upon the availability of personnel.  Road projects and emergencies may prevent the yard from being opened on a particular day. Contractor loads will not be accepted at any time.

Schuylkill Township’s compost yard only accepts leaves.  Yard waste such as grass clippings, weeds, shrubs, tree limbs or branches, and construction materials of any kind are not accepted.   The township has the right to reject any or all material brought to the compost yard.

Small shrubs and limbs must go to the Phoenixville Compost Site. It is open to residents of the Township for this type of yard waste. Please contact the Borough of Phoenixville for hours of operation and material acceptance information. Free compost is also available there for township residents.