Board of Auditors


The Board of Auditors is comprised of three individuals who are elected for staggered six-year terms.  The duties of the elected auditors are detailed in Section 900 of the Pennsylvania Second Class Township Code.

The Schuylkill Township Board of Supervisors appoints an independent certified public accounting firm to provide an annual audit of the Township’s financial statements in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards. Therefore, the current duty of the elected auditors is limited to determining the compensation and mileage reimbursement for supervisors who are employed by the Township in accordance with Section 606, if applicable.


Elected auditors serve 6-year terms. 

  • Jeffrey Sullivan, Chair
    Term: Jan. 2020 - Dec. 2025
  • William Vogan, Secretary
    Term: Jan. 2018 - Dec. 2023 
  • Vacancy 


  • Annual Reorganization meeting is held in accordance with Second Class Township Code on the day immediately following the Board of Supervisors' annual Reorganization meeting.