Applications, Openings & Vacancies


The Board of Supervisors is advised by boards and commissions comprised of citizen volunteers of the township. These volunteer advisory boards and commissions provide an invaluable service to the township whether mandated by law or created by resolution or motion of the Board of Supervisors. Appointments to Advisory Boards, Commissions and Committees are nominated by each entity and confirmed by consent of the full Board of Supervisors.

Application Process

To apply for an open township advisory board position, please fill out our Volunteer Application (PDF) and send it with a letter of interest to the Township Manager. If you are applying for a specific and currently open position, you will be notified by the Township Manager's Office following the application deadline whether you are being considered by the applicable entity. If you are submitting an application to be considered in the future as openings occur, you will be contacted by Township staff when the vacancy is announced in order to confirm your interest in this specific opportunity.


Board of Auditors

Board of Auditors | Schuylkill Township, PA (

6 Year Term

  • 0 Vacancies

Enviromental Advisory Council

Environmental Advisory Council | Schuylkill Township, PA (

3 Year Term

  • 1 Member Vacancy
  • 1 Alternate Vacancy

Historical Commission

Historical Commission | Schuylkill Township, PA (

3 Year Term

  • 1 Vacancy (1 Year Appointment)
  • 2 Alternate Vacancies

Open Space Commission

Open Space Commission | Schuylkill Township, PA (

3 Year Term

  • 1 Alternate Vacancy

Planning Commission

Planning Commission | Schuylkill Township, PA (

4 Year Term

  • 1 Alternate Vacancy

Zoning Hearing Board

Zoning Hearing Board | Schuylkill Township, PA (

3 Year Term

  • 1 Vacancy